Michael Lee Stancil comes from a very musical family. At the age of 14, he started singing in church. Michael seemed to have a comfortable stage presence and a natural ability to perform. While in high school he started playing night clubs, even though he wasn't old enough to get in, he was still being pursued with offers of performing in these places. At this time he started songwriting. In 2004, he met another singer/songwriter and formed the country music duo Buck and Duke.

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      It didn't take long for them to start building momentum in the music industry. They caught the attention of Grammy Award winning producer, Wilbur C. Rimes. He took them to Tyler, TX to record their debut album "Change is Overrated." This led to show cases with major record labels in Nashville, TN. At this time they started writing songs with Hall of Fame songwriter, Pat Alger and other well established writers. They performed shows all over the country with major acts. They were approached by the PBR to do after parties and National Anthems at various venues across the country. They caught the attention of former Warner Brothers executive Bob Saporitti. Bob saw great potential in Buck and Duke and started working with and supporting them. Shortly after this they went in the studio to record their second album.
     In spite of the attention and the support of the industry, Michael started feeling a void in his life. Despite having a career on the rise and a supporting family, something was still missing. He started attending church with his wife and children when he wasn't on the road. This started out on Sunday mornings and then slowly he started to attend Sunday and Wednesday night services also. God was speaking to Michael and he didn’t want to listen. He was running as far away as possible despite what God was saying. Michael knew that God had other plans for him but he
continued to travel and play in the night clubs with a still small voice inside telling him that is not where he belonged anymore. Everyone around him started to notice this change making it harder and harder to perform in the clubs and portray the image he knew he couldn't be anymore. He knew God had changed the person he had worked so hard to become. Michael knew he needed to talk with Duke about God leading him from this lifestyle. Little did he know God
spoke to Duke first. Duke told Michael that he supported him 100% in the choices he had to make. So leaving country music he committed himself solely to God and the calling Jesus Christ had put on his life. He started speaking and singing at churches. Once again, singing in the place it all started for him.
     Michael just finished his debut Country Gospel album that is scheduled to be released June 2012, produced by Rick Schweinsberg and Johnny Sansom from Daywind Studios Nashville Tn . The album will be promoted by Red Hen Records. Michael wants to be able to tell his story and spread the word of God through his ministry of music. Michael gives thanks to God for his many blessings and also to everyone around him who love and support him.